June 24, 2016

Mat Hector rocks IO Clamp

Mat Hector, Drummer for Gutterdämmerung and Iggy Pop simplifies his drum mic setup with Triad Orbit's IO-Clamp.

Drumming for some of the biggest names around, Mat travels the globe one festivals stage at a time.
When he was playing Copenhell festival recently alongside bands like Black Sabbath , Dropkick Murphy's and Scorpions, Mat was introduced to Triad Orbit by sound tech Wim Calluy, who has been an early Triad Orbit adopter.

When you're on the road touring at this level, quick changeovers, and easy set up really make a difference. By upgraded his touring kit with the IO-Clamp, Mat can reduce the amount of stands and time required to get his drums mic-ed up.
The clamp not only reduces the amount of required stands on stage, but also allows microphones to be placed easily in positions where traditional setups have difficulty reaching.

Top Picture: Mat Hector and Wim Calluy supprting Triad Orbit IO-Clamp

Bottom: IO-Clamp in action on Mat Hector's Kick drum

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